About us

CROHINI was founded in Berlin, Germany, in 2022, by a twin design duo, Kadi and Kadri, with a shared passion for crochet. As a small business offering unique and colourful handmade crochet bags, infinite love and care goes into designing and making every product.

Growing up in Estonia, Kadi and Kadri got inspired by their grandmother, who is highly skilled in rag rug making. A centuries-old tradition that became popular in Scandinavia in the mid-1800s, rag rugs were traditionally woven from recycled or old clothing using strips of fabric leftovers. Rag rugs were originally a symbol of status and wealth but soon became synonymous with simple, down-to-earth, country living — old cottages with wooden floors covered with long colourful woven rugs. Similarly to the art of weaving, Kadi and Kadri learned to crochet and use leftover fabrics creatively from their grandmother.

After realising crochet designs were more popular than ever, the quality and skill that went into making them were to wish for. CROHINI bags reflect the slow side of living and craft in today's oversaturated fast fashion retail market, offering high-quality, slowly and sustainably produced handmade crochet bags using only recycled materials and fabric leftovers. Over the years, CROHINI has developed a unique style, mixing traditional techniques with contemporary designs. Every bag design tells a story, focusing on creating beautiful, meaningful pieces tailored to your preferences.

All products are carefully handcrafted and shipped from our design studio in Berlin, Germany, using sustainable practices and made from recycled materials without sacrificing quality. Thank you for choosing CROHINI over mass production and embracing more ethical fashion choices!